Snowboarding without Bindings – Daniel Erlacher about Paul Tholey

Lucid dreaming helped Paul Tholey to do snowboarding without bindings

One of the things, that you can do in a lucid dream, is to train motor tasks. Without risking an accident, if you want in slow-motion, wherever you want. Many sportspersons prepare their-self for competitions mentally, practicing in their thoughts or explore mentally the area of the competition, etc. The difference of the mental training and the training in lucid dreams are getting reviewed scientifically from Tadas Stumbrys for example.

Daniel Erlacher didn´t do only the study “Me, You, We”, he also did the study “Practicing a motor task in a lucid dream enhances subsequent performance: A pilot study.”.  ( and He got inspired by Paul Tholey, a pionier in scientific research in lucid dreaming. Daniel Erlacher und Paul Tholey didn´t only study psychology, they also both studied sports, which is a good requirement, if you want to do scientific research on “Practicing motor tasks in lucid dreaming”.

Paul Tholey demonstrated by himself, what you can learn and practice in lucid dreams. He was European Master in Skateboarding. He made new Skateboard constructions, or balanced blindfolded on unicycles. Also Snowboarding without bindings or snowboarding in a handstand he liked to do. I can imagine, that it also was quiet amazing, to see him on a BMX bike on his self-made Looping construction, spinning free in the air.

Write a comment, what kind of sport do you train (in your dreams or in waking reality). What are you experiences with sport training in lucid dreams? (Here you can participate in a study “Motor learning in dreams” by Melanie Schädlich)


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